The History of the Royal Navy


Down loading & saving Images,to you Computer.

Down loading any of the images that you would like for your own personnal use,is easy.1st make a new folder in 'MYpictures' to save them to,this makes it easy to find them,in future.  NEXT Right click the image,and select "Save picture as"in the new window you can name the image as you wish,if you are happy with the displayed name then save it to the new folder. Sometimes when trying to save images,you will see the message "this filename allready exists,do you want to replace it?"       Answer NO,and rename the file.You will now have a folder of the images that you want to use,which you can send by email ect

Another usefull tip is this:-One of the easiest ways to make sure you do not loose your files,is obviously to create a data disc,in case your PC 'crashes' however everyone does not have the facilities to do this.Simply send yourself the images by email, & whilever you save this email message,you will allways be able to get it back as long has you have got your email account.

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